5 basic Linux commands for the VPS

If you decide to work through Linux you should know a lot of commands for easy managing the network. Of course, you can order a team of specialists who will control the VPS server and keep it stable. Nevertheless, there are commands that you must know because they are the most important in the Linux system. Today’s article is going to be about 5 basic Linux commands for easy configuration.

The most important commands in the Linux system

If you have decided to be a system administrator yourself, you will have to work hard on learning the commands. There are examples of the five most important commands in a Linux Ubuntu system below.

  1. Sometimes we need to see a list of all running programs on the system. In this case, pay attention to the top command. It is used to show the Linux processes and contains the statistics of processes and resource usage. This information helps to further optimize server performance. Press q to exit the command mode;
  1. Vmstat is one of the utilities that should be used first (after a top, of course) when there is a server problem. It allows you to display information about the use of memory, disks, and processors. By default, vmstat produces output once. However, if you want vmstat to automatically update its output, you can do it by specifying a numeric value;
  1. iostat gives the collected information about the activity of your hard disk. It can be useful to find out why your VPS hosting server in Latvia is slowing down, as well as get CPU and system information from the statistics collection system;
  1. The free command provides information about the total amount of physical and paging memory, as well as the free and used memory and paging space on the system. It comes in its case if you don’t know you have enough memory to install the application or not;
  1. sar is another popular system performance monitoring utility. It helps collect information about system activity, CPU statistics, memory usage, and I / O system activity.

These 5 commands are the most used in the Linux system because of their simplicity and benefit. Learn more about the managing VPS with https://host-world.com!

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