Getting Familiar with KVM VPS

Whether a site large or small, popular with a huge audience or only just for friends, it needs to be hosted somewhere. Usually, the general public doesn’t know much about how hosting works, let alone the different kinds of it. In this article, we’d like to clarify the main key points for those thinking of getting hosting services and help you choose the best option.

What Is VPS Hosting

VPS means a virtual private server. Therefore, if you use this type of hosting, you’ll get your own piece of the bigger server, with a particular CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. And it’s all yours, no other users can access it and take any resources from you, unlike in the case of shared hosting, where the resources of one server are shared between the users in no particular order.


KVM is deciphered as a kernel-based virtual machine. It is located on top of the physical server. This way all of the resources dedicated to it cannot be shared with other users of the server. It’s the safest, most reliable, and top-performing type of VPS hosting. It is recommended opting for a KVM VPS if you’re running a business website, as with it, no external forces can influence your site’s performance (if it’s optimized, of course).

The advantages of getting KVM VPS hosting include:

  • dedicated resources
  • stability of work
  • dedicated IP 
  • great customer support
  • option to work with your own server directly

With that said, KVM VPS is not for everyone. If you’re running a smaller website with no intention of having control over your server, general (shared) hosting services will work nicely for you. On the other hand, if your site has thousands of sessions a day, you might want to think about getting a dedicated server. Otherwise, while falling between these two cases, KVM VPS should be just what you need.

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