Immigration and Political Asylum

The concept of “political asylum” has existed for decades, and it is based on one very important document – the UN Convention on the Status of Refugees. This convention establishes the principle that all people should enjoy fundamental rights and freedoms without any discrimination in this regard. If rights and freedoms are violated, a person feels danger or reasonable fear, then he/she has the right to ask for protection and assistance from the governments of other countries. The issue of obtaining political asylum in the United States does not lose its relevance.

      Political asylum is a special legal status granted to a person on the basis of available evidence of a violation of his/her rights and freedoms, or prosecution in the territory of his/her native country.

political asylum

      The concept of “political asylum” is collective, and includes not only political persecution, but also religion, nationality, politics, membership of certain social groups (sexual minorities, for example) or groups that are persecuted in the country which you left and the state cannot provide protection against persecution.

      The United States has always been famous for its open policy on immigrants, so we can safely say that this is an ideal country for applying for political asylum. Unlike other states that impose certain restrictions on asylum seekers, the US government is trying, on the contrary, to improve the lives of newly arrived immigrants. Already 150 days after applying for political asylum in the United States, you can apply for a permit for SSN, Social Security Number and the state ID. All these documents will allow you to legally live, work, enjoy all the benefits in the United States.

      Where to find help?      Immigration to the United States is always associated with many difficulties that you must overcome. One of the biggest problems that immigrants face is processing papers to obtain legal status. Political Asylum USA has a number of advantages that allow you to make paperwork fast, convenient and reliable. We approach each case individually. No templates, only a professional approach with expertise and in-depth analysis of the situation.

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