The powerful NEMT software company

NEMT companies are irreplaceable today. Do you agree that no best doctors in the world can help you if you don’t have an opportunity to get to them? Therefore, many people with disabilities and the elderly need them. NEMT services protect people from different emergencies. It is obvious that such companies need help in development because they can’t cope with their everyday deals. There is nothing worse than being late or planning your day incorrectly and substituting your clients who may have booked an appointment with a doctor. NEMT companies need someone to lend a helping hand in their daily challenges. The iSiTechnology is one of these helping hands. We love the work that we have been doing for 15 years. 

What are our main advantages?

We are a company that represents a powerful software for NEMT companies. We choose the best software for each company, however, we can’t choose the right one from the first time and we provide our service through numerous trials. The iSiTechnology learns the all gaps of the NEMT company and then chooses the best strategy for development to fill them. We provide services of routing, scheduling, billing, dispatching, and homecare. 

We believe that a quality system of routing and scheduling can save your money. For instance, the company may reduce expenses for fuel or vehicle repairing by choosing the shortest routes to the destinations. And the strong system of scheduling can help you avoid problems with being late. It is always a bad thing because the elderly or people with disabilities may need urgent help. 

Don’t worry about insurance claims with our BillPRO and Claimgenix products. These technologies are perfect for NEMT companies. 

Many people need special homecare. It is an essential facet of medical care in the United States. This way old people or people with disabilities will not be worried about safety. Our workers can monitor their body temperature and blood pressure. This way, the need for everyday check-out will be lower. 

The iSiTechnology takes care of its clients and tries to improve the performance of NEMT companies. We know about the importance of non-emergency medical transportation for some people. We love our work and are always ready to solve the hardest problems. Contact us!

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