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For all animal lovers, furry fans and artists. Why keep watching cartoons in old age? Much of that has to do with the appearance of adorable animal characters. Everyone has their favorites, so it is bound to be disagreement with some of my decisions. Please feel free to add your own comments.

1164367293 Orig Scrat 03

Scrat is a saber-toothed squirrel, which is absolutely nuts acorns. The movie has its moments, but mainly succeed because everyone wants to see more and more ridiculous attempts to buy their damn Scrat and bury acorns. He will never succeed, and his first attempt causes a massive avalanche. It has become friends with a flying squirrel women Scratte, her into the nut (and then lost). After a deluge of Noah, as in the second movie, Scrat drowns and wakes up in heaven with the Dodo bird sings to his break. Walk through the doors of the Khachaturian Adagio from Spartacus (a masterful use of it) to see a giant acorn, but they can dance on the clouds to the same, which is drawn back to life Sid the sloth, who has vehemently claimed.

What makes it adorable? The eyes, of course, have more to do with it. Are large and have them constantly curious and excited to see two of his most endearing traits. Self-deprecation is the easiest way of genuine laughs, and Scrat can not win for losing. The tail is long and fluffy, broad cheeks are like a wolf dog and give a quality light, and his voice, that of the first film director, Chris Wedge, is a collection tenor of squeals, grunts, laughter and screams. Wedge says he was inspired by the voices of Eli Wallach as Tuco in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” at the end, when Tuco is digging the grave of Arch Stanton in search of gold. The next time you see the scene, hearing your voice. It is very similar to the excavation of Scrat’s acorn hiding places.

Robin Hood Disney p>

The idea of ​​a fox as Robin Hood, can be traced all the way back to Reynard cycle, a collection of tales from Germany, France, Holland and England, about a red fox called Reynard is a kind of trickster figure good humor. Walt Disney did not believe that Reynard would make a good hero, so Ken Anderson adapted the story of Robin Hood for the animals. His voice is that of Brian Bedford, quite dark, the Shakespearean actor, but does a good job, and the film was very unfairly by critics as the theft of several scenes from Snow White, Aristocats and The Jungle Book, but that not fair. Disney died in 1966 (unless you are a conspiracy theorist), and the corporation suffered as a result. The production of Robin Hood was a very tight budget, so the artists saved time and money at every opportunity I have. No?

What makes an adorable fox? The artists rarely have to change anything: the foxes are adorable and thank God or Nature for that. They look like a cross between a cat, a dog and a wolf, the tail of a squirrel. They bark and bark, but can be tamed and make perfect pets. Anthropomorphic animals are more popular in the “furry” community, but we will not go there. Robin artists simply gave perpetual “happy” smile of a bandit.


‘s flagship character list, and although most entries other characters in the film, Mickey began as a short-term nature. Walt Disney’s idea was that children love animals, so why not come to an anthropomorphic animal in motion pictures that children can love and desire to embrace it were real. Disney did a lot of money. It was the first voice of Mickey, and now all that lend their voice model after the vocalization of Disney: A lush tenor, falsetto.

adorable trick to do was to give ear as pans, large eyes and a big smile and large hands, with gloves, feet and red shorts. It seems playbuddy favorite of all children. All it does more than talk is a laugh, and is quiet, bubbly and polite.7 Wed Spirit 


Horses have the largest eyes of all land animals, even larger than those of animals to Next to this list. No wonder, then, that are common characters in cartoons. The eyes are where most of the excitement that comes from a face. The eyes are what makes an animal more human (at least in our opinion). Even if the animal does not speak, as is the case with the Spirit of the Mustang, the eyes can take care of everything. The smile is also important. Add this to the fact that horses are among the most photogenic animals on the planet, and the rest is a matter of technique.

Spirit is a wild horse, which grows without knowing anything about human beings, until he is captured by a bad Civil War soldiers after they take him away from his mother (shades of # 3) in a frontier fortress. They try to kill him, but he just will not break, and escaped with an Indian who loves making it. He befriends the Indians horse, too adorable, was then shot by soldiers in a raid. Spirit escapes back to the Indians, and Colonel of the soldiers are respected and let them go. Spirit of horse back again, having healed from his wound, and run and look for the flock of his mother.


Lister may have seen this movie more than 200 times as a child, every day after school, and an hour of silence I was fine with my parents. Dumbo is the son of Mrs. Jumbo Elephant, huge ears and become the laughing stock of all the other elephants. You can see the similarity Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is coming. Is forced to laugh and mocked by the public as part of the circus acts of the clowns. Naturally, you are depressed, but he was befriended by a mouse named Timothy (a play on the elephants are afraid of mice), which leads him to see his mother, who has been locked in a train car. Humans are bad at these stories!

Dumbo Timothy and drink some water that has champagne in it, proceed to get drunk and have a nightmare and legendary pink elephants on parade. They wake up in a tree and have no idea how they got there, only to be greeted by a flock of crows joker. Together, and Timothy Dumbo teaching that can fly, and it gets even with all his executioners in the final, then met with his mother. It was especially difficult to make Dumbo a lovely animal, because for one thing, missing skin. Immediate skin makes a stuffed animal, so that more people have dogs and cats to snakes. But as almost always the case, give your pets large eyes and a smile, and you have a winner.

 Donkey-Shrek-Iphone-4-320x480 Wallpaper-

He is ignorant, but that only makes it more fun because he is kind and loyal. Is too small for a donkey, and the idea is, the smaller the animal, the cutest. With the exception of insects. But there are cartoons about the bugs. In the end, the eyes are where you are. Eye of the donkeys are not particularly large, but with all the necessary expression for you to love. It also has huge ears. All the better to use for sadness or fear (which provides the back), excitement or happiness (shown above), etc, and buck teeth. All the better to smile at your spirit. Add Eddie Murphy at his best and not to be missed.

meets Donkey Shrek the ogre in the forest, and become friends because they are both marginalized. Donkey does not care if Shrek is ugly, so when Shrek keeps you around, that’s what makes us fall in love with them. Donkey small size forces you to walk with a leg movement and a faster gait bouncier to go with his positive outlook forever.


Hard to say which is the most adorable, why not group them all into one entry? Even the scar. They are majestic, sometimes frightening, but always splendidly pleasing to the eye, and when Simba grows up, has perfect hair forever. Males are elegantly muscular, agile and graceful women, and this was the movie that has this Lister hooked on the cartoons when I was 13. The Lions are still among its top two favorite animals, the horses of another being.

James Earl Jones never had a choice. Had to be a voice in this movie. After reading the script, I said I wanted to be Timone the Meerkat, because he was the most fun. The producers laughed and thought he was joking. He sighed and took Mufasa explains, “It’s really not fun to have a voice like mine. I can not tell jokes, because Darth Vader has no sense of humor. I’m always the bad guy or a king.” It was a surprise to very few people who were not given the voice of Aslan, the lion of the live action movie Narnia. Aslan qualifies as a cartoon character, and is a notable omission from this list. But do you think of Jesus Christ as adorable?

Jeremy Irons steals the show as Scar, a particularly cruel villain in the Disney canon. Hitler stands as the lions and hyenas, kill Mufasa, his brother, allows the whole Serengeti go to waste, and tries to kill Simba. However, the artists did scar as lovely as the rest of them. Cats are popular pets. Da big eyes, and hairy legs that can pick up things like human hands. instant success.

23-Cartoon-Disney-Bambi-deer p>

There is a cartoon Far Side by Gary Larson that shows various animals talking forest near a stream. The text says: “Every creature in the forest on Earth know where he was and what he was doing when Bambi’s mother was shot.” Generation after generation of children lose their innocence when they see this movie. Lister was lost when Artax drown in the swamp of sadness in The Neverending Story. The children were screaming at the scene, as they do when the man, the villain of all time, anthropomorphic animals, hunting and killing Bambi’s mother.

But the good side, he went to heaven, and Bambi will too. Cheer up. As a fawn, that’s so cute that it is illegal. Brandy colored eyes almost as big as your face, flowing lashes, a perpetual smile, innocent of a sensitive mouth, large ears, blinking. It is practically the mascot of the organizations fighting game. And a nod to his two best friends, Tambor, a rabbit, and Flower, a skunk. It is very hard for any animated movie to learn more adorable than this.2 Wed Toothless of Fury Night 

 Toothless Night fury of the dragon-D31N1Cu Techdrakonic

How to Train Your Dragon inspiration for this list, and Lister did his best to put it at # 1, but could not. That’s not to take anything away from the tooth fairy. It is a superlative best friend to have, and the only other furry animal on this list. The first time I see him, he is bound in a ball Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was fired at him. Hiccup finds him and tries to kill him to gain favor with his father, the king of the Vikings. but he does not dare to do so. Tooth Fairy is terrified and helpless.

So I cut it open and toothless pins him down, he roars, then let it go. A sign of appreciation. So begins an unlikely friendship that forces each character in the story, except for the monstrous dragon at the end, to change his mind. The Vikings learned to love dragons dragons and learn to love the Vikings. Toothless is a marvel of art. It is a hybrid of a snake, a cat, a horse, an owl and a bat. Squamous gave shields behind the head that can flick up or out as the ears to indicate his mood. They make it look a lot like a horned owl. They are not ears, however. His ears are below the flaps and stick out like. A cat

Learn to smile at Hippo, and his eyes are incredibly huge. Why? Probably to compensate for their reptilian nature. Snakes are not exactly stuffed to most people, so the tooth fairy gave large cat eyes amber, a cat nose and cavernous breathing of a horse. The scene that brings Hiccup his first fish to make friends is one of the best 4 minutes without dialogue in film history.1 Wed Hobbes 


Calvin and Hobbes

There are lots of animal characters, anthropomorphic, and not in the comics, but none was ever so thoroughly became a humanoid character as Calvin’s pet, talking tiger, Hobbes. Bill Watterson him the name of Thomas Hobbes, the 17th century philosopher who had a low opinion of humanity, as Hobbes does. Calvin was named after John Calvin. Calvin and Hobbes get in fights almost every week in the comic, but always remain best friends after. What can not be the best friend of a hot tiger, purring could maul, but just choose, most of the time, no?

Hobbes is also aware of Calvin. Calvin makes a lot of bad things, like falling snow bowling ball-sized balls in Derkin Susie’s head, throwing tomatoes at his mother, his babysitter Rosalyn block outside the house, and Hobbes is always there to ensure it’s not going too far. When it comes to adorable, there’s really nothing better in all the literature to be embraced by a tiger when you’re very sad.

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