VPS Hosting and its Features

Are there any differences between VDS and (so similar to it) VPS servers? If you turn to the most literal meaning of these obscure abbreviations, VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server, and VDS is a special abbreviation for Virtual Dedicated Server.

      So, there is no difference between these terms, and on the Web they are used almost like synonyms. They are individual servers, which host only the Internet projects of their owner. On one physical machine today there may be several such servers. Each of them has a limited number of resources. Virtual machines are completely autonomous, they can have completely different OS, as well as other elements, for example, programs.

      The user, in fact, owns an analogue of a conventional dedicated server, but at a significantly lower cost. This option is perfect for small organizations and private entrepreneurs.

      Why choose VPS hosting in Cyprus?

      What benefits will the user get from buying VPS in Cyprus? The key benefit is the guarantee that all paid server power will be directed to servicing exclusively user projects.

      For example, you can use your VPS server to service one large Internet project (it can be a portal with a daily audience of thousands, a large online store with a large assortment), or you can share all server resources between dozens of small sites.

      This option of the user will protect against possible problems, protect his/her web projects from such rather unpleasant neighbors as, say, sites that distribute torrent files, or online cinemas, which carry a huge part of the traffic.

      The user will be able to create almost any variety of domains, databases, mail services without any restrictions that are often present on simple servers.

When the implementation of user’s Internet sites requires the installation of various specialized programs, he/she can easily select the most optimal server configuration for the best performance of all tasks. At the same time, in order to correctly configure everything, some extensive programming knowledge is not required at all. It will be enough to understand the general functionality of the control panel, which has the name ISPmanager. In addition, the user will be able to assign an individual IP address to all his/her websites.

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